Am addicted! – My Half-Soul.

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Sitted at the balcony with my Coffee table besides me. I felt the breeze and watched tiny brown coffee particles being blown away slowly by the mild wind.. My favourite Nescafe sachet blown up…I was deep in my thoughts about the good old days I had.

The position and place i chose reminded me of those days when i was only 4 at my rural home. When my father and I would sit at the balcony and watch the 400 heads of cattle emerge from the direction of sunset as we take sips of coffee. I could not take  the coffee at his pace!… mine was warm and as a kid, I always found myself gulping it like water. We could watch the cows one-by-one trickling into their pens as the young calves wailed for their mothers.

I stared at my dad taking his sips slowly and watched it drop down his throat. He kept on shifting eyes from the cows entering their pen to his large tracts of land and  tiny forests that blocked some bit of the the  orange-brown rays from the horizon. The rays looked like the “sunset-customized ” cappuccino. I love brown thats my favourite colour.

The High school life… The normal hard life things.. memories of those tough teachers never failed to come back especially the games teacher. He was ever smiling and welcoming but tough. My schoolmates will not agree on this but i disliked him especially at evening hours.. That was the moment when the school would come to stalmate!! People are confused between going for the four oclock coffee or games. Especially for my type it was my hardest times in high school.

My final years in high school is still vivid in my mind. The effort we all put to get “best results” As a national school! I used to extend my studies to 3 or 4 am! And wake up at 5am for further studies😏😏. I had to purchase a coffee mug incase the games teacher turned a bit linient that day and let us fetch a mugful…i also had coffee flask where i would keep hot water from the school kitchen… i was a prefect and a respected one indeed😎😎 i had access to the kitchen. I had that Mega-size tin of coffee that would always top at my shopping list…all for the sake of success… i passed after all.

College life rolled out…  Looked smooth but hard!. You have all the freedom to go anywhere anytime, do crazy things alone  or with that Better Half of Yours as most claim. You have all the ladies flooding their profiles with the MCM’s(Man Crush Monday)and MCE(Man Crush Ever) things with your pic tagged on them…Its a digital era they claim. All ladies at your hand. You got the commanding power. Say what you want and its done unto you…The sad part comes when you have to take them for that drink or coffee. It was really hard. A cup of coffee would go for KES 80-450 averagely depending on which part of town you roam …Moi avenue and beyond or Tom Mboya River road, towards ngara…

And thats my story with coffee.. im smitten!!😍😍  My Love for coffee is incredible. Am such an addict!☕☕☕☕☕


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